Hairy Girl Armpit

This hairy armpit girl is very interesting. Let’s start with the fact that she has a very thick pair of hairy armpits, those things have not been trimmed at all! Secondly, she is a true amateur, you can tell by the sexy tan lines, innocent look, and natural boobs. However she does have a wild side, look at her piercings! She has both nipples pierced and one nipple is double pierced.. She has some a long tattoo on her back that you can see inside of ATK Hairy.

Hairy Girl Armpit   ATK Hairy Girl Armpit

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12 Responses to “Hairy Girl Armpit”

  1. very good!!!!!

  2. I love the hairy armpit like her.Hairs are red, blond and black.

  3. I love her hair in her arnpits & pussy.

  4. the pics are very small !!

  5. nice hair


  7. My great opinion is that ATK and other hairy girls websites are doing a great job.WE want more hairy black girls with hairy armpits cause we are fan of black hairy ebony chicks,and we live in Tampa,here theres a lot of black chicks with hairy armpits and looks sweet.If ya guys can do a website for black hairy girls only,we gonna feel very glad.

    Danny Boy from Bird Gang!

  8. great she looks very very great fucking with this type of girl is a dreamable experience . her armpits will be smell gorgeous i mean her aroma of armpits.

  9. i wanna lick her armpits…

  10. yummmmmmy………………;

  11. I concur heartily with Danny Boy, above. We need a website (the more the merrier!!) devoted to BLACK women with thick, dense, kinky-nappy armpit bushes (and, of course, pubic bushes). There’s nothing sexier!!!

  12. The fact that hair is natural, God-given and protective is all the reasons we need to justify hairy armpits on the fairer sex. A hundred and fifty years ago, no woman on earth shaved there and every millenium before did either.
    Soap box away, what I love about hairy pits is while your getting her done take a tongueful of sweet woman scent and taste from under her arms, (which happens to be a vital erogenous zone), and it’s like eating her at the same time.
    I’ve asked several “girlfriends to ‘let it grow there': many have complied and love not shaving, waxing or having to be concious about it. They all say “I feel so free and I don’t care what some conventional closed-minded people might think or say. In fact they tell me that they’re sex life has been much better. Let’s face it people…Are you going to run for the door after you’ve just mounted a beauty because she lets her hair grow long? TOUCH

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