Hairy Asshole

Been a while since I posted some hairy asshole pictures. Most of the girls that have really hairy pussies do not shave their asshole either. The problem is that many times they don’t have closeups of their asshole or even many pictures of them.

Hairy Asshole Hairy bush and hairy asshole
I have seen very hairy assholes before, this isn’t one of the thickest but damn she has a thick hairy bush. She came from the Super Bush Site, and I know why!! She has a SUPER BUSH! lol

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  3. Love hairy pussies. MMMMMMMMMM taste so good.

  4. Damn! That looks like a gorilla asshole. I should know I work at a zoo taking care of gorillas.

    Dill Weed

  5. i love to eat a hairy ass and pussy and fuck it

  6. my wife’s asshole is just as hairy. luv watching her asshole pubes glide along my shaft as i fuck her hairy anus.

  7. where can a fella cum up on some hairy ass torrents. would love to have some quality, hairy porn in my collection…. if anyone can help me out with this search that’d be awesome!!!

    i’ve had an attraction to extremely hairy women since i was old enough to appreciate women. i’ve only had the pleasure of dating one girl with a hairy ass and i wish i would’ve took full advantage of my brief time with her.

    so if anyone can help me find a hairy dating site where i could find another hairy, little, hippie girl… please let me know

  8. My wife has always been pretty hairy but it took a while for me to persuade her that the hair should grow in her armpits and around her asshole. Nowadays, she also has hairy legs and arms. She always wears trousers to the office and a long sleeved blouse. However, she’s found out that 2 guys she works with love that hairy look. Guess what, she is now taking on board three times as much cock as before – and all because she is hairy!!!!

  9. Hairy wife here too!

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