Mature Hairy Armpits

I know you guys love mature women, milfs, and grannies. I and I know you guys love them even more if they are hair. I was able to find this older hairy woman. I am not sure if she would be considered a milf, mature, or a granny. My first guess would be a mature woman, but she could also be border line grandma. You think she is over 55? What is your guys pick? MILF? Mature? or Granny? Leave a comment below!

Mature hairy pussy and armpits Mature tits and hairy armpits

Real mature amateur with hairy pits

This is Rosie from Hair to Stay

I tried to find a better shot of her hairy pussy, but wasn’t able too. She does have a nice body, and I would have loved to see a closeup of that snatch.

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  1. These were also stolen from my website and please either remove them or credit me

  2. I think she’s really hot !! Age doesn’t enter the question. She’s plain hot and that ‘s that.

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